StaunchCLOUD Features


StaunchCloud is the unique package for every newcomer into the world of the internet.

For every business or individual looking to make the most out of an initial trademark appearance to the world wide web, StaunchCLOUD offers the best features to make your experience and that of your customers worthwhile. The question may be who StaunchCLOUD is for? Practically, every unique individual, business or group!

Ranging from students, lecturers, to schools….religious bodies, SMEs to corporate organisations….unions, fashion designers, photographers, eateries and hotels…the list is endless. Being online always starts from registering your personality or business with that unique identity:, this, SC provides with ease and great functionality.

StaunchCLOUD proves its uniqueness by offering a free additional “My Mobile Page” application for mobile devices along with other great features that allows you to share with friends, family and the public your own personal blog, portfolios, gallery, receive your emails directly through your unique adress and so much more. With available data space upgrade options, internet hosting couldn’t have been better.

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